from Benny

Here's that mouse picture you mentioned a few posts back.
Included in glorious "blow up" is the mouse addendum. We still don't know who did the mouse. Or was that you, too?

me: I don't know who drew the mouse. I said he was saying "OUCH!" but I sure got that wrong! Thank God for the Time Capsule, or our history would be a garbled mess!


HemlockMan said...


When I was 19, I lived in a horrible place that was infested with rats. Not mice. Rats. I set a trap in the middle of the living room one afternoon and went out. When I came back, the trap was gone. I couldn't find it. Finally, I figured it had caught a big rat who had struggled madly and rolled under a big chair with ruffles around it, hiding anything that might be underneath. So I pulled the chair away, to reveal that the trapped rat had been dragged under there by other rats to be devoured.

It was gross.

eeTeeD said...

yow! that's a horrible story! did you report the owner to the board of health after you left?

HemlockMan said...

"did you report the owner to the board of health after you left?"

Short story version: it was an apartment attached to a retail building my parents owned. They sold it as soon as I moved out (to a guy who ran an electronics business, as I recall). There was nothing for it--the entire area was infested with enormous Norway rats. The more you killed, the more they bred.

eeTeeD said...

we still haven't heard about the martin family xmas.