this is kind of interesting

Some lowlife ratsoup bastard arsons are torching stuff in Noho, so guess who wakes up yesterday morning to find his car a roaring inferno: Runaway Comics Technical Assistant Brigham Martin! I am calling on every psychic power at my command to rain suffering and agony down upon the villains' empty skulls. Won't you join me?

So the World's Greatest Cook informs me of two things this morning:
1. His coat was in the car. His coat that he NEVER wears but keeps in the car in case of a roadside emergency. Gone. Burned to a crisp. So we need to order him a new coat from Land's End.
2. She cleaned out the closets and got rid of all these coats we never wear. So I need to take a huge pile of coats to the Goodwill box when I go to the dump today.
Somehow I thought there was a connection here, but alas, I am a male and cannot understand these things.

New subject: There are now FOUR new Most Powerful Of All Beings I need to post! And I will try to do it this weekend! Opening up GoLive and bla bla bla to get that up on the site is a wee spot more work than posting on the blog. Hence my tardiness.

This thing that keeps me busy virtually every spare waking minute - I wish I could show it or at least talk about it, but I signed a non-disclosure agreement. But in general I think I can say that it is an honor and a responsibility that I take very seriously to follow in the footsteps of Basil Wolverton and John Pound, warping the minds of America's 8-year-olds! God Bless the USA!

I'd go nuts if I just sat and drew all day long, at the day job and at home. So I am pushing buttons and converting more of my music collection to MP3 in the background while I draw. So since I can't post any art, I'll share a song. If you know me at all, you know that I HATE RAP! ...except for about a dozen songs that I guess you can call "rap". Here's one of them.

"Get Higher" by Black Grape

OK, bye!


eeTeeD said...

my sympathies to Brigham. a few years ago someone did something similar to a car i owned. it caused me great financial burden, and much emotional stress.
this is part of the reason i lead a hermit's life. people are fundamentally evil, and direct contact with them should be avoided at all costs.

HemlockMan said...

Have you ever heard any of Mojo Nixon's songs from the Reagan era? One of my favorite lines of his was:

"Hell, no I won't pee in no cup!
Unless Nancy Reagan's gonna drink it up!"

slatts said...

You know I'm WITH YOU on ANYTHING you want to do to "rain suffering and agony down upon the villain' empty skull"

Yes, I will JOIN YOU.

And I join in with prayers and positive thoughts to Brigham, you and the World's Greatest Cook!

See you tomorrow, I'll be wearing a tie.

slatts said...

So, that's RAP?

Wow. I'm more of a dinosaur than I thought. Maybe Beastie Boys kinda RAP. But there's far too much '60's psychedelic and there's even a chorus. And nothing seems sampled.

I'm confused.

But regardless, I can see such an awesome MTV video with Ron and Nancy doing the freak out to this tune.

It rocks.

Maybe the Loose Carpet Squares will cover it.

slatts said...

Oh, and I really hope that logging in with the secret code on Live Journal isn't as torturous.

Kirk Creel said...

Man, I am sorry to hear about Brigham's car. I know you guys have to be mad enough to spit blood. I am.

Consider the car kharma coalition convened!

Seriously, I hope the little guy is going to be ok.


SRBissette said...

Sorry to read about the fate of Brigham's car -- glad it was ONLY a car torched. What kinda loony tune is haunting NoHo??

eeTeeD said...

thanksgiving is gone. december holidays have already started.
yet you still have a halloween image on your home-page.