on newsracks and checkout lanes soon

If you're the type who likes Nick Mag comics but won't buy the magazine for the tiny little Comic Book, here's your chance to buy a whole magazine full of comics. Including some Teeny Weeny, and that magazine cover is illustrated by yours truly (along with some design help from Ron Leary and some after-meddling by the Nick Mag staff and the Oddparents folks.)

What's not to love??? There's some Nick mag coming out soon that has a cross-over comic featuring Teeny Weeny and James Kochalka's Impy and Wormer, plus interviews and photos of me and James. I think this may the mag, but I'm not positive.

Anyway, pick it up and flip through it and you may see a goofy picture of me in an ugly shirt!

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dogboy443 said...

Can I color that...Can I hunh? Can I?