thanksgiving at bissette's 2006

I think it was 2006. He'll correct me if I'm wrong, and correct me about the attendees if that's wrong. I think this is, l to r, The World's Greatest Cook, Bissette, his daughter Maia, his step-daughter-in-law Mary and stepson Mike, and Mr. Dobbs! Bissette's honey Marge and Dobbs' honey Mary were off-camera to the left.

Up until Saturday this was a rough pencil sketch I drew sitting in Bissette's ex living room (they have since moved, so all you burglars out there can just ignore this floor plan). I had some time to kill Saturday so I colored it and messed around with it.

Click to embiggen.


HemlockMan said...

Steve had bears in his yard at his old place. Bears, dude.

(Don't you have bears in your yard, too?)

SRBissette said...

I'm watching a very wet deer outside my writing area window right now, as I write this.

Great pic, Mark! I think your I.D.s are spot on, but I'll check with Marge... the chick with the glasses might be Mary's friend, whose name I am ashamed to say I've forgotten.

Benny said...

Bissette and Dobbs?
Bissette in a cape? with a fat head?

I don't see it!
And that doesn't look much like Mike D, either.

dogboy443 said...

There is an awful lot of facial hair missing from Mssrs Bissette and Dobbs.

Mark Martin said...

Of course Bissette does not have a cape or a fat head. Dobbs does not have pointy ears. Mike Bleir has two eyes, not one. It's not supposed to be an accurate portrait, it's just a sketch. I took great liberties. The pictures on the wall are different. The chairs are not accurate. I don't think Bissette was reading a newspaper...

Strangely, the female characters are pretty dead-on portraits! I couldn't get then that accurate if I tried. Just dumb luck!

SRBissette said...

I live for these moments.

Mark said I didn't have "a fat head."


But I DO read the newspaper. Two of 'em. Every day.