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This cartoon naturally caught my eye because I draw a comic strip called Teeny Weeny. Click to embiggen.

I am posting the entire page in hopes that someone can explain the parsnip cartoon to me.

This page is from "Hippsville Laff Book #2", a paperback published in the late 1960s when FREE LOVE with hippie chicks was a common male fantasy. In reality it is repackaged and recycled old Sex to Sexty cartoons.


Colin Tedford said...

Maybe Deacon was checking to see if anyone actually read his captions?

greg said...

Well it wouldn't be funny if I had to explain it to you!

Plus, I don't get it either.

BonzoGal said...

Parsnips are, uh, kinda phallus shaped. (Not that I've ever been attracted to a parsnip.)

Mark Martin said...

I thought about that - but PARSNIPS? Not cucumbers? Or bananas?

Maybe he thought the funny word "parsnips" would be even funnier?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this has something to do with it?

BonzoGal said...

All three of those are funny words, really. "Kyoo-CUM-burr", "Bah-nah-nah", "Par-SNIP"...

Even "rutabaga" is funny.

And why would chicks built like that need vaggie-veggies anyway? Can't they just go find some rich businessman to chase them around a desk, like in all the other comics?

HemlockMan said...

The veggies take longer to wilt.

eeTeeD said...

the gag in the parsnip cartoon is a poorly done derivation of the “are you thinking what i’m thinking?” gag.

a sexy woman and her nerdy boyfriend are sitting alone on a park bench and see a pair of ducks rubbing bills.

woman- are you thinking what i’m thinking?
man- YES! those ducks should have flown south by now!

an inappropriate response to a romantic suggestion.

in the parsnip cartoon we are supposed to see that it is amusingly inappropriate that two sexy naked women are in a bed and one of them can only think about what’s on sale at the supermarket (which at the time the cartoon was made, would be considered a typical “woman” thought).

SRBissette said...

We used to sell FROM SEX TO SEXTY in my Dad's store - yep, the same Bissette's Market you have the shirt for, Mark.

Butter. Ham. And FROM SEX TO SEXTY. All the staples.

HemlockMan said...

My dad used to sell tons of SEX TO SEXTY. But of course he owned bookstores.

Mark Martin said...

Sorry, I'm still not buying the whole phallic veggie angle. I'm sure it's possible and probably even probable, but a parsnip is MARGINALLY phallic. Of all the veggies to pick from, what woman is going to be drawn to parsnips?

Is it their NIPS? Why does the blond girl look like she's about to barf?

I like eeTeeD's explanation! But I don't think "women" were allowed to lust after each other in old Sex to Sexty cartoons. They were all MAN-HUNGRY! Even the THOUGHT of them pleasing EACH OTHER was totally unthinkable. Why, it was as preposterous as a parsnip!

Dol Dern this stupid cartoon! I hope I finish the next EVERYTHING and can put up a new post tomorrow!

My father never ever sold one single Sex to Sexty magazine.

Mark Martin said...

I meant GOL Dern!

bob said...

Well, no idea if this is reliable, but according to the internets (specifically the wikipedia) "In Roman times parsnips were believed to be an aphrodisiac". Maybe that was commonly known in the 1960s, and has something to do with the joke. I can't figure out what expression the blonde is supposed to have on her face, maybe it's supposed to be tired, from all the parsnip-induced sex.

(cross "parsnip-induced sex" from the list of expressions I thought I'd never use)

BonzoGal said...

"MARGINALLY phallic", eh?


Also note the use of the word "again" in the caption. Why would she be mentioning that they're on sale "again" if she wasn't craving PARSNIP LUV???

Mark Martin said...

Oh come on, bonzo! You had to search for those parsnips and they are atypical. MOST parsnips are tapered and creepy like this


Why are you CAMPAIGNING for the sexiness of parsnips???