There's a new everything over at everything.

And Mikey has posted the Mark Martin / James Kochalka interviews and jam strip over at Mikey's.

OK, I gotta go!
Things I want to blog as soon as I have time:

1. Reply to Mikey's PC query on that post.
2. Naomi Wolf is an idiot.
3. Dorothy Parker / Nora Ephron observations.

OH YEAH! Answers to Current Things That Are Puzzling You:

1. Why are there only 5 people in Chevy 6?

Benny is in Brazil at Carnival right now, so he can't answer. I THINK it's like "Which one is Jethro Tull?" It's just a name. They're not THE Chevy 6. Just Chevy 6. I think.

2. Why can't we buy Chevy 6 CDs?

I don't know. Probably all gone. Benny will be back in a week.


dogboy443 said...

Great Everything MM. Lots of energy and color. Great Beetle Bailey!!


Jed said...

I concur. But just what exactly are you trying to say about socialized medicine?

BonzoGal said...

Why is Naomi Wolf an idiot? I like her books.

And I disagree with Mr. Dobb's choice of Popeye for President, mostly because of his association with J. Wellington Wimpy, his Secretary of State, who would no doubt spend us into massive debt with his promises of "pay you next Tuesday."

I say we need Mark Trail in the White House!

dogboy443 said...

Charlie Brown for President and Linus for VP. Sally can be Director of Consumer Affairs and Lucy can seated as Surgeon General.

HemlockMan said...

3. Why does Benny get to go to Carnival in Brazil and I don't?

slatts said...

Same reason there's not 20 people in Matchbox 20?

So, what's the deal with "Everything"?

Why are you over there?

What does it matter?

I went and saw it, didn't I?

Did I tell you I thought it was very cool?

(I wonder how he does it?)

(How is it that Mark Martin is the drawing-machine?

...and still host "How To Draw Mimi Mouse" spaghetti luncheons?)