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Could be slim pickins around here for the next few weeks. I'll try to put SOMETHING up most days, just to keep the home fires burning. I still wanta jabber about Dorothy Parker and Nora Ephron, for example...


BonzoGal said...

What about Dorothy Parker?

She's keen.

I'm going to Wondercon this weekend, for reals this time. Anything I should look for in particular?

Mark Martin said...

Well if you are serious, grab all the Zettwoch stuff you can find for me. I'll swap you pound for pound!

Dorothy P jabber coming - but you ain't gonna like it!

Jed said...

I too, like Dorothy Parker. What gives?

Good for you, for dedicating some quality time to your children's book proposals. I wish you luck.

You know the market that I hear is wide open right now is children's chapter books. Captain Underpants, and that sort of thing. They're black and white, so their cheap to print, thus less risk for the publisher. Except they have more words.

Jed said...

Oh, and I totally despise Nora Ephron and couldn't care less about her neck skin. And I can't stand "You've Got Mail" and its ilk.

Kerfuffle said...

I love the look on Ed the dog's face!!!! Is he concentrating on keeping those cute little spectacles on, or is he all hopped up on kibble and waiting to sink his teeth into the bad guy?!

eeTeeD said...

again abandoned.

greg said...

When Harry Met Sally was one of the best movies ever made, second only to The Karate Kid. I'm sure we all can agree on that.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I don't care if you keep changing what "Everything" is, Mark, I just like looking at whatever art you make available, cuz it's great stuff. I just wish they would keep the links available, so that we could click back through time and see how it's evolved and changed. Why call it "Everything" if they're going to remove past links every time you change your mind about what "Everything" means?

My 2 cents.

Jed said...

Please be joking.

I consider When Harry Met Sally of the same ilk as most of all those other horrible horrible romantic comedies of Ephron's, though not quite as bad as Sleepless in Seattle. The "relationship" between Harry and Sally is predicated on a series of thin comedic scenes based on gender role reinforcing premises. It's a souless lite comedy typical of that era.

The 80s, with few exceptions, was a cultural wasteland for American film. Just like the Reagan presidency, it was the result of a conservative backlash to the 70s when some of the best American films were being made.

I'll give you Ellephant Man and Ghandi, but these were still big studio films, and the kind of small character driven auteur films of the 70s, (see John Cassavettes) had all but disapeared in this spirtitually destitute decade of film. Even some of the better directors of the 70s had begun to make lousy studio films. Mike Nichols was responsible for such inexplicably lauded shitstorms as Working Girl, and I could name others if I did a little googling.