never throw anything away!

The World's Greatest Cook bought this wooden shoe at a Church Bazaar last summer. It was an impulse buy, near the end of a career of impulse buying. Feeling the weight of ALL THIS STUFF, she lamented "What was I thinking? I don't need a wooden shoe! Who needs a wooden shoe?" many times. The shoe sort of became the physical embodiment of Tag Sale Mania, and the sight of it drove her crazy.

Finally she implored me to take it to the dump, which I did. But I could not bring myself to toss it, and snuck it back home. She soon discovered it in my studio, and resigned herself to "life with the shoe".

Recently I was searching for SOMETHING ANYTHING to corral the two remotes on the bedside table in the guest room. And look what I came up with!

Cool, huh?

In case anybody out there wonders what a bonzogal looks like:


BonzoGal said...

I'm the one in the middle, yuk yuk.

Dig my green dot shoes, baybee!

HemlockMan said...

That poor shoe! Up there freezing in that cold, cold attic office!

dogboy443 said...

It's a freakin' Dalek man. I've got one over at my Blog too.

Cool beans.

BonzoGal said...

I am brave enough to kiss a Dalek! My lips know no fear!

HemlockMan said...

I don't know what a Dalek is, except that it has something to do with something called "Dr. Who", which I've never seen.

SRBissette said...

Dalek de-stroy Bob! De-Stroy!