this is my 500th post!

Now what? I bet I'll get a little plaque from blogger or something! Maybe a gift basket!

This is the cover art for a Chevy Six CD. That's Benny in the green panties. Poor Benny, I botched his face up something awful, and he was so nice the way he said could you PLEEEEEZ work on it some more, Pumpie, it looks GREAT, but it's, gosh, I feel so VAIN, but it's just that it's not quite MEEEE!!! When all along, the fact is, all of the other faces look pretty much okay, but Benny's face I never could get right. Benny's not vain, this thing looks awful!

This was created about 20 years ago. It's all markers and colored pencil. If only we had Photoshop back then. Obviously I need that crutch!


eeTeeD said...

why can't we buy chevy 6 cd's taday?

HemlockMan said...

500! Damn.

Why are there only five in the Chevy 6 picture?

Jed said...

These mezzomorphs are so lovingly rendered that I find this genuinely apalling.

dogboy443 said...

And special thanks goes to Muscle World magazine.
Watch who's face you kick sand into.

Jed said...

Why are there only 5 guys in Chevy 6?