from benny:

"My yellow submarine guys -
Look how I've displayed them!!!"


dogboy443 said...

Benny's got some time on his hands don't he!

Jed said...

How charming. I wouldn't mind having one of those Blue Meanies. I have a small collection of Jim Woodring toys, but I've yet to find any other toys of comparable awesomeness. These Beatles are pretty awesome though.

The only thing that comes close to Woodring awesomeness that I've seen are some of the more colorful Godzilla baddies, but they rate a distant second to your average Woodring Newt. Otherwise, I've found the new trend of pricey designer vinyl toys underwhelming. If I'm going to pay 20 to 50 bucks for a toy, it's gotta be Mr. Bumper awesome or nothing.

I think Dave Cooper had some nice toys not too long ago though.

Marc Arsenault said...

At least your kids let you keep yours! Look what's happened to our poor George.

slatts said...

To benny:


But one question: They appear to be suspended from those metal racks. And those metal racks appear to be standing on those CD's.

How do you play your CD's?

Wayno said...

Wow, a mass Sgt Pepper hanging! Benny, you sick!

Benny said...

Good question, Slatts!
I've got them all on iTunes and on my iPod, so they're now functionally decorative.

HemlockMan said...

The days of CDs and DVDs will soon be over! Everything will be digitized!

Somehow, that looks like a pretty expensive display.

slatts said...

I though that would be the answer, Benny.

GREAT display!