sorry 'bout the cat!

If you read Runaway Comics you saw my impressive autograph collection featured there. But Riders In The Sky was not included because

1. It was lost! I just stumbled across it in my "files"! Actually, it was in a frame along with a bunch of other old neglected stuff piled up NEAR the files.

2. It doesn't actually qualify, since all my other autographs were collected by OTHER PEOPLE on my behalf. But I collected this one my own durn self when I saw Riders live on stage. Show #3,339 to be exact!

If you are familiar with Riders, you know that Too Slim sometimes leaves the stage and reappears as Sidemeat the old sidekick. Sadly (dad blame it!) Sidemeat did not make an appearance the night I saw them. After the show I asked Too Slim "Where the heck was Sidemeat?", and they made some joke about him having too much Injun Water the night before or something like that. But they were still great. It was still a great show. Just woulda been more "special" if Sidemeat was there.

If you are NOT familiar with them, you probably just forgot. They perform in "Toy Story" and Pixar's short film "For The Birds" and I think maybe in "Cars" and "Monsters Inc." Some other movie and TV credits as well.

HERE is Sidemeat performing the Sidekick Jig!



HemlockMan said...

They look like the guys from an episode of one of the best TV series of all time: FRANK'S PLACE. It was Tim Reid show (remember--he played "Venus Fly Trap" on the old WKRP series). It was a very short-lived show, unfortunately. (I always figured that it was because it was so well written and Americans are just too damned dumb.)

Anyway, there was an episode where Frank (played by Tim Reid) booked some live jazz entertainment for his restaurant and instead these whitebread country singers showed up. They lookes, as I recall, like the guys in your photo.

dogboy443 said...

Here's more on this rather, unordinary band:

Mike Dobbs said...

That was a great night at Greenfield High School. Mary and I were late due to a screw-up on understanding when the show started, but it was terrific.

The Riders did the Looney Tunes theme song and it was the icing on the cake!

BonzoGal said...

I just got my Megalon vs. Cheney book! It's AWESOME!

Benny said...

I remember that WKRP!
I used to love that show, and you were so right. People (read "networks") are sometimes to dumb to leave stuff on the air.

Of course you remember the Thanksgiving promotion episode featuring Mr. Carlson.

Benny said...

Oops. Shit. I thought hemlockman was talking about WKRP. I read too fast. Well, I remember Tim Reed in Frank's Place, too.

Dr.John said...

How fortunate you were to see them live. I loved the sidekick song.