turkey tale 05

dispatch from cousin kirky:

Several years ago my family and our friends The Clarks were on a day trip to Lake Guntersville State Park in North East Alabama. We found a nice little trail to hike that wasn't supposed to be too strenuous as we had small kids in tow. Me being the long leggedest of the crew I often found myself ahead of the others and on one such occasion I topped a crest that curved back down and to the right. I froze in my tracks. A small flock of turkey were oddly surprised by my presence, especially considering the clamor that we made. I raised my hand and made the commando "stop" sign. It made no effect on the horde behind me. The turkeys were still staring at me as if they were decoys, stiff as a bird. I turned to the ones behind me and made the library "shush" sign and then the "come here" finger curl, then slowly turned back to...nothing. Without a single sound and in mere seconds the turkeys had completely disappeared never to be seen again.

Ghost turkeys for sure.


HemlockMan said...

I ran into the biggest flock of turkeys I have ever seen or heard of this weekend.

BTW, your clan must live near the in-laws of one of my best pals. They have a place not far from Lake Guntersville. Monte Sano is visible from their yard.

molly said...

Definitely ghost turkeys. If you've ever heard a turkey take flight, then you know that they sound like muffled helicopters. Especially if you've seen them "gracefully" flying up into impossibly high tree tops -- a dumbfounding image I can never get out of my head...