you sexy thang!

When I posted the sketch of this guy a few weeks ago his chiseled turtle butt caused some to squeel. Here he is all inked and ready for his close-up. This is an enlarged detail of a TMNT pinup I just finished for the fine folks at Mirage. It will be in some future issue of Tales of the TMNT, I think. In black & white. I just colored this little chunk for the hell of it.


dogboy443 said...

That is some mighty fine turtle-tail. First Talbot doing turtles in his blog and now you? Crap I gotta go draw me a turtle.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Jacob Covey will buy it for a dollar

Kerfuffle said...

So, maybe I have a 'Turtle Fetish.' Well, not really, but you drew his thighs so big and muscular I just couldn't help myself!

HemlockMan said...

That is one prickly lookin' turtle.

Vaughn Michael said...

You're such an amazing artist I wish they would have you do some issues of tales of the tmnt!
Your issues are my faves right up with there with the ones Kevin and Peter did themselves.
Seeing this art has made me quite the happy tmnt fanboy!
You're also a big inspiration to my own art. :)