comic book writer Jim McGeorge

on You Bet Your Life.

I never heard of him, but I bet eeTeeD knows some good gossip about him!

And Phyllis Diller as a non-celeb contestant. I bet eeTeeD has some dirt on her too!



HemlockMan said...

I love that violin intro! I have a bunch of Old Time Radio stuff and I run into that intro a lot when listening to various shows.

I've never heard of the guy, either. What's the scoop? Did he bugger puppies or something?

eeTeeD said...

sorry, i have no dirt on these two. never heard of jim mcgeorge, but did find a television actor named jim mcgeorge whose work included work on bob clampett's beany and cecil.

note that the mcgeorge on you bet your life claims to have worked on comic book versions of warner brothers characters. these comic books were published by dell comics. the art director at dell comics was tom mckimson, former warner brothers animator and brother of bob mckimson (director of speedy gonzalez, foghorn leghorn, Tasmanian devil, etc).

further, note that art for dell comics was often supplied by the jim davis group. davis was an animator at many west coast studios, and became a kind of go-between for comic book companies and animators looking for comic book work. jim davis is perhaps best known for his comic book adaptation of the fox and the crow for dc comics.

point of all this being, jim mcgeorge might be one of the thousands of faceless people who did work in the animation industry. there he could have been introduced to mckimson and or davis, who could have supplied him with comic book work.

or he could have been a bag boy at some supermarket who made up a more interesting job to sound good on radio.


all i know about phyllis diller is that she is awesome, and she has done voice work in the animation industry, including the role of queen in pixar's "a bug's life".