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For the last couple of years Nickelodeon has hired me to come up with some kind of running narrative to turn the "ALL GAGS" issue of The Comic Book into a - uh, well a sort of a running narrative. It's a real brain strainer! Try it sometime! Here's a rough sketch of the Gag Engineers putting the final touches on the cover gag.

Two years ago we had Teeny Weeny taking snapshots of items inside of all the gags, to use to build his OWN gags at the end of the issue. Last year we created the Gag Engineers, the tiny little engineers who manage the props and resources and scheduling of the gags.

(I say "we" because World's Greatest Editor Duffy contributes mightily to this effort and should get credit for that, and Sculptor Rick helps me out with the brainstorming, labor and complicated file construction.)

This year the Gag Engineers are back by popular demand - meaning by request of the Nick Mag crew. In the same way that Teeny Weeny muscled out Sam Hill and Ray-9, it appears that the Gag Engineers are muscling Teeny Weeny out of the All Gags issue gig. But have no fear! Teeny Weeny still rules!

comments on previous comments and posts:

As predicted, that old Bissette has accused me of lying, and cites his mythical aversion to nuts as proof that I am full of baloney. I told you he'd play the nut card!

eeTeeD asked why my back is to the camera in the hot dog stand pic. Because the REAL guy had his back to the camera, so I just stood in the same position. The real guy had on a big winter coat, as did the guy who Sculptor Rick replaced. That's why we had to mask them out of the image. This strip is running in a SUMMER issue...

Janet sent this link FYI about the Orphaned Works Bill, and anonymous left a couple of links in the comments about that. So Brad Holland's mad as hell and not gonna take it!

I gotta go! And I'm not done yet! I'm currently in one of those life phases where things pile up far beyond one human's ability to deal with it all. Big things, little things. Like having to re-set the front door so it will close properly. Like bears tearing up everything in the front yard. Like the idiots at Wal-Mart putting the BBQ grill together wrong so that the heat deflector is NOT over the gas tank deflecting heat, so I have to DIS-assemble the thing and put it back together correctly. Like you get the idea.

Before I disappear for two weeks next Wednesday, I'd like to post an update on the kids' book project, and ask for everybody to help me and Benny find some "Views and Whews" magazines, which I will explain if/when I get a chance.



slatts said...

Mark: "Like you get the idea."

Slatts: "Too well!!!"


dogboy443 said...

Don't forget to sneak in Bow-Legged Bill, the original cowboy side-kick. He deserves his place in the sun.


HemlockMan said...

Bears in your front yard! That is SO COOL! You've got to get a photo of them.

That illustration of the gag engineers is nothing short of beautiful. Reminds me a bit of Chris Ware's work (and I love Ware's illustrations).

HemlockMan said...

Oh! Magazines arrived! THANKS!

(My brain hurts and forgets things when I'm working on a new novel.)

HemlockMan said...

Oh! Magazines arrived! THANKS!

(My brain hurts and forgets things when I'm working on a new novel.)

SRBissette said...

Your brain echoes things, too.

Ah, nuts.

HemlockMan said...

Actually, that was a computer glitch. Computers apparently never forget things. Unless they're Dick Cheney's computers.