pumpie part 1

dispatch from kerfuffle:

I keep forgetting to ask, and if you really don't want to tell me that is fine, but why do grown men call you Pumpie in a public forum? I have tried to sort of poke around myself and figure it out, but apparently I have not dug far enough into the archive, or it is not on Jabberous. Or I should be looking for a word like it as in Pumpkin or Pumpernickle,or something and am just not getting it. Gimme a clue!!!!

I find it queer. Peculiar, not homosexual, and am simply wondering.


I guess it has been a couple of years since the name was explained. People are starting to ask again. And I've never really told the whole story from beginning to end, in detail, so all of you people who are sick of hearing it be patient. I know it has been discussed and mentioned at tedious exasperating length on chat boards and in the comics biz press ever since that damn fool summit. A lot of misinformation and speculation has weedled its way into the story and I'd like to get it straight once and for all.

I'll start tomorrow, at the point where all of the attendees of the infamous Creators' Bill of Rights meeting got thrown out of Hotel Northampton for boring the guests and staff to tears. Kerfuffle, it's not important - there was a big gathering of cartoonists from all over the US and Canada, and the state of the industry and the creators' place in it was discussed and debated and drilled and dragged and danced on and decked and dug up and discussed some more. All of that is history, but has nothing to do with why grown men call me Pumpie, except maybe as a stress-inducer that led to later events.

More tomorrow. I don't know how many days this will take. We'll see how jabberous I get, and how much story there is. I won't know exactly myself til it's over.



RHoward said...

I am standing beside myself in anticipation of this story.....I imagine all sorts of things when I hear you called "Pumpie", especially after you sent off to a homosexual foot fetish site the first time we ever exchanged emails.

HemlockMan said...

This will be interesting.