we're ready for our close-up!

That's Sculptor Rick on the left and me on the right, in our walk-on cameos from the upcoming Teeny Weeny fotonovellette. But I gotta photoshop myself out because "That guy looks too preppy to have a hot dog stand!" Har har! ME! Preppy!!! Now I gotta replace me with a guy in dark slacks and a t-shirt. And I don't own any slacks! And I ain't gonna buy none either! So there!


dogboy443 said...

"Look Teenie Weenie, that man has no ass."

"I do believe your right Olive, but he has wonderful hair!"

eeTeeD said...

why do you have your back to the camera?

slatts said...

"Look behind you, Pimento Head! That homeless guy is ripping off the Hot Dog stand!"

"Don't worry, Teeny, that undercover cop by the white sedan will save the day!"

Benny said...

Hey Pumpie! You can borrow my black pants that I bought to take to Brazil!!

ha ha ha ahahahahahah.

Wow. It's amazing that you and me both just DON'T HAVE ANY PANTS!!