Dear V8

Your ad campaign has completely lost its original meaning. I don't know what you or your ad agency must be thinking! The original purpose of "I coulda had a V8!" was sharp and clear. Somebody has an unhealthy soft drink or snack, and then realizes "I coulda had a V8!" as they slap their own forehead.

Now you have some bossy jerk bopping somebody ELSE on the head because they don't like vegetables, and even that is not always clear. You've ruined the original meaning and transformed it into something confusing and meaningless.

Check this out!

The guy has no clue what it means. And the answers he gets are all people recalling the old explanation of the phrase - the one that WORKED.


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HemlockMan said...

You misunderstandimated the intentionals of the advertisimals.

In today's modern, hip, jive-ass world, the message is:

"You could o' had a V-8, bee-yotch!"