I got these SENSATIONAL JUMBO FUNNY CARDS IN COLORS at the same New Hampshire Junque Shoppe as the groundbreaking lesbian pulp novel. Obscure old marginal barely-a-footnote stuff like this fascinates me. I imagine examples of my work will turn up in odd places 50 years from now and someone will wonder the same things I am wondering. What the hell were they thinking? Whose idea was this? (There is no publishing info or date on these cards. I assume they were sold as "novelties" in the early 60s???) Who was the artist? Who was the writer? Was the artist proud of his work, or just some hack earning a bottle of booze? Perhaps the nephew of the novelty company owner? Did he think this was his (or her???) BIG BREAK? Maybe it WAS! Are any of the ideas original? (There are a couple I've never seen elsewhere.) What was the print run? How many people actually bought and used them? Would the post office accept them back then? (They are POSTCARDS, with a place for address and stamp on the back.) DID ANYBODY LAUGH??? Do you get the shoe salesman gag? Can you explain it to me? Is he talking about her quim?

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Wayno said...

Yes, I think the shoe salesman gag is one of those "not tight" jokes at the large woman's expense.

Mark Newgarden's daddy?

HemlockMan said...




(Not really. Except maybe for the "yak".)

Nice find, though!

eeTeeD said...

what happened to pinky?

Mark Martin said...

Ahhh, it's a FAT joke! I guess it helps to have some knowledge of ladies' shoe sizery, which I don't. And the guy is wearing GLASSES - it's all coming together now. PURE GENIUS!!!

I haven't a clue whatever happened to Pinky!