eggs at eight

Here's an old radio show from the days of Ernie Kovaks and MAD comic books and Spike Jones and the Korn Kobblers and stuff like that. It's pretty good. It's very good, in fact. I love the way they weave the ad jingles and voice-overs into the skits.

I stumbled across this thing in the Internet Archives OTR Singles and Doubles Collection. That means that, as far as the Old Time Radio Researchers group knows, there is only this one surviving episode. I tried to google up more info and all I could find was this page, where if you scroll about halfway down you'll read:

(from Guestbook 25) Jim Ruddle said:

Just a brief addition to Terry's remarks about Cy Tuma: I doubt if many people know that Cy worked as a staff announcer at KVOO radio under the name "Paul Shepherd." Of course, he also played clarinet with the Eggs at Eight combo, which included Tubby Young on bass.

(from Guestbook 27) Frank Morrow said:

KVOO’s “Eggs at Eight” featured, not only Frank Simms and Walter Teas, but also the “Entertaining Eight,” the “Tune Toasters,” and Edie Washburn singing. Frank and Walter would always tease her, introducing her as Edie “Washbucket” or Edie “Sideburn.” She always took the bait and complained. Tubby Young played bass and did the weather. Lorraine Bynum played the harp. Joe O’Neill directed. Cy Tuma played clarinet for the “Tune Toasters,” and Simms sang with the “Entertaining Eight.” It was quite a production, five days a week for 45 minutes each day.

(from Guestbook 27) Jeanne Webb Simms said:

How did you find TTM? One of my sons forwarded to me re: his dad, Frank

Frank was at KVOO while still at TU, signing on and sometimes signing off. Frank did the daily remotes from Cain's with Johnnie Lee Wills, as well as the Saturday night hour at Cain's. He and Walter Teas wrote and performed "Eggs at Eight" until we moved to the East coast in late 1952.

Does anybody else out there know any more about Eggs at Eight?



eeTeeD said...

sorry. i know nothing about this show, but if you are interested in otr perhaps this would interest you...

Mark Martin said...

Thanks but not for me. Red Panda does indeed live up to the standards of otr superhero serials - corny! Most of otr is like most of any other entertainment - awful! But the stuff that *is* interesting - priceless! OK, I'll see ya - later!

HemlockMan said...

I don't know anything about "Eggs at Eight". I do, however, love OTR. I have thousands of hours of that stuff. More than I could ever listen to in my spare time. One of my pals was sending me that stuff and I finally had to get him to stop. I'll never hear it all. I don't have that much leisure time.

I will say this about radio--it's a lot more fun listening to a great radio drama or comedy than it is watching modern TV crap. Give me Mercury Theater or Fibber McGee and Molly.

Some of the funniest shit I have ever heard in my life are old Bob & Ray shows. Good golly, that stuff is hilarious!

Benny said...

Richie Rich has ankles like Hillary Clinton.