everything 28



Benny said...

Pumpie! It's like "kinda more sane but meaner" CRAZY BOSS!

Love it. What's it for?

And you're painting more and more.

And more.

Do you remember Homer and Jethro doing those Kellogg's Cornfucious Sayings? We used to have the record and the book.

I'll bet Betty threw it away. Like she did my antique Hardy Boys set that I bought from an old neighbor for 25 cents each.


eeTeeD said...

let’s say there are three main branches on the cartoon tree. those being comic strips, comic books, and animated cartoons.

once upon a time comics strips were the absolute top of those three branches. every cartoonist dreamed of the fame and fortune that came with landing a comic strip contract.

and the comic strip biz was filled with artists with incredible drawing abilities. cartoonists like winsor mccay, george mcmanus, alex raymond, fanny cory, and many many others.

comic strips were a major selling point of newspapers, and people read newspapers daily to see the fate of little abner and flash gordon.

over the years newspapers fought the rising cost of printing by putting more ads and less pages in their newspapers. this meant that there was less space for the comics. the newspapers and the comic strip syndicates forced their comic strip artists to draw their comics in smaller and smaller spaces. smaller spaces meant less detail, and this resulted in simplified images. over time cartoonists found themselves attracted to the other branches of cartooning, where they could better express themselves.

point being... comic strips used to look like THIS


now they look like THIS



if you’d like a taste of what modern day comic strips COULD be like, go here


what a shame we’ll never see work of this caliber in our newspapers. mr. sanders is truly a master.