remember me?

Been kinda busy lately...

Here's a new Everything!

Here's a link to Bissette's report on the dissing of a "vapid cartoon" as crazy ol' hemlockman calls it. All I can say is GOD'S REVENGE! You Vermonters better straighten up and fly right!

Here's an image sent to me and my bocce teammates, by a mate from a team we SLAUGHTERED MERCILESSLY. He (Paul) had the audacity to send this with the message "Major Trauma's Team Flag?" We don't have a team flag, but I am now inspired to create a team flag with some Vermont hillbilly doing unspeakable things to Paul.

Here's an image JR sent me, as he and VoR and the aforementioned Paul were trying to - TIME'S UP! Lunch is over, I gotta get back to work.

OK bye!


HemlockMan said...

What? No! We weren't finished making fun of Richie Rich!

BonzoGal said...

SRBissette said...

God's revenge, my ass -- it was some pissed-off 18 year old who set the fire. Unless, of course, your version of God Almighty fits the pissed-off-18-year-old archetype.

You're just still brooding that Springfield, MA didn't get the high honors.