everything 30

OK, now that the checklist is all done, are there any questions? Or does it all become clear as a glass of Luzianne tea now? I'll answer any remaining questions now.

ON TO OTHER THINGS: I've been scarce the last few days because we are on the home stretch of Buddy McNutty, and if you think you are sick of hearing about that, imagine how anxious I am to finish it at last! It's gonna be a cool comic and make kids LOVE delicious nutritious peanuts! And I'm enjoying coloring it and adding SFX, all the fun stuff you get to do after the grueling task of writing and waiting and drawing and waiting and inking and waiting and waiting and waiting...

I am also spending an unvelievable amount of time focusing on dog poo! Daisy went blind a couple of months ago, and let me tell you, it is true what they say! You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Bless her heart, she cannot get used to being blind, and has no idea where she is 99% of the time. We thought she'd at least be able to navigate the house she has lived in for 16 years, but she gets stuck in corners and lost in general. We have to set up barriers to prevent her from hurting herself by falling down stairs etc. She is also practically deaf...

The poo focus is a necessary evil, since we can't just let her out to do her business. You have to stay with her, no matter how tired you are and no matter how hard it is raining. And sometimes it takes FOREVER! What is it exactly that dogs are searching for as they search for the perfect place to "go"? I cannot detect any rhyme or reason to it, but she will circle and wander intensely and sometimes frantically searching for the ideal spot to go. ALSO we have to keep a close eye on "what happens" because she has digestion issues and special dietary needs.

This all sounds like she has a poor quality of life, but in fact she is quite happy most of the time. She gets frustrated, but still enjoys eating and sleeping and riding in the car and all the normal things dogs love. She even rolled on a dead frog last week (before I ran up and ruined everything!)


eeTeeD said...

ummm. clear. ummm. uh?

the peanut comic soon to be done? seeing is believing, you tease!

and my sympathy for your dog. such a sad thing.

HemlockMan said...

Ah, true love! Critters are wonderful people.

Benny said...

Aww, Pumpie, I hate it about Daisy.
But I know you're right about her having a good time in her geriatric stage. Y'all are such good parents, she probably feels completely safe and wonderful.

I have no idea what the "circling to doo doo" phenomenon is. Spike is even worse. Zoey is so prissy, she has a map of the yard, and knows exactly where she's headed.

Go figure.

Benny said...

The horses! Trippy! Think how easy that would be in Photoshop. Especially the way you did with the color changes on the lines.

That brown horse's stomach at the top left is funny.

I'm sure Hallmark wasn't interested in you ONLY because they were afraid you'd be on ACID the whole time.

Jed said...

This is confusing. I'm not sure what makes the arachnid guy a homo. Is this what got you in trouble? It's too surreal to be offensive. Are you still doing acid?

Mark Martin said...

"Homo Arachnid" simply means "Spider Man". Like Homo Sapien.

This is not the thing, but the flap over the thing was just as silly, and just as based in confusion and assumption.

I'm gonna dig that thing out! As soon as I have a free weekend!

molly said...

You are a saintly pet owner, Mark. If you're lucky, you'll make it to pet-heaven, which is way better than people heaven because you won't have all those holier-than-thou jerks judging your questionable entrance.

"When I'm at the pearly gates, this will be all on videotape..."

slatts said...

Elderly pets...ain't that a charm!

I'm running a cat nursing home on my side of the river.

Jed said...

Geezz, talk about assumptions. I meant "homo" as in of the genus: homo. In other words: What makes the arachnid guy so of the genus homo? Obviously there's no such animal, so you can see my confusion.