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dogboy443 said...

I always wondered what happened to old Hot Stuff?

Jed said...

Hot Stuff was a peculiarly secular idea of a "devil", which was kind of a good thing, I guess. Stranger still for a post code concept, when you couldn't even MENTION werewolves and vampires in comics that carried the code, but apparently the devil was perfectly fine, which seems to defy the whole puritanical intent of the code.

My wife had a very Christian fundamentalist background which she barely survived, and the devil (singular) was a pretty serious notion for her. This kind of stuff literally terrified her as a kid, and her church would have undoubtedly declared it "satanic".

Was there any precedent for anything like this? A cute devil? Aside from the devil on one shoulder, angel on the other sort of deal? It seems like a uniquely (as much as I hate to invoke the tired phrase) post-modern idea.

As I recall, Hot Stuff's fellow devils were pretty much exactly the same as Casper's malicious minded ghost buddies, with the same motives, more or less. They weren't explicitly trying to corrupt people or turn them into sinners, but they were "bad" and did "bad" things because that's just what devils did. Because they were devils.

Hey. This sounds like Steve Bisette territory!

Oh, and nice painting, mark. If not for the obvious copyright infringement issues, this whole world weary Harvey character thing would make an awesome comic.

eeTeeD said...

even hot stuff ??!!


and you said that you *LOVE* cute.