Sordid D'Zine

There's a new online public source creative commons whatever-you-call-it zine being produced in Australia, where it's winter now. I just thought I'd throw that in. Whenever I am reminded that it's actually the OPPOSITE SEASON somewhere on the planet it kind of freaks me out.

Anyway, the first issue is not yet complete, but you can see what is complete, including an interview with me - if you are willing to wrestle the DREADED PDF FILE!!! When I clicked the "open as html" link, I got all of the text but no pictures. I had to download the cursed PDF file and open in Acrobat to see it as they actually laid it out.

If you know me well, you may want to skip it. You'll just be reading me blabbering about my "growth paradigm" theories and the usual claptrap. There are a few new and interesting insights, since the editors are doing a very interesting thing and conducting "blind interviews" - it's like a blind date, only it's an interview.

I do not know why they left the " D' " out the logo in the toilet. And other places. Anarchists!

Go here to investigate Sordid D'Zine.

Go here to jump right into the interview.



HemlockMan said...

YOW! Growth paradigm! That there sounds real fascinatin'! What the heck does "paradigm" mean?

I'll struggle with the pdf stuff and read the contents of yer noggin.

HemlockMan said...

Ah! The "growth paradigm"! I agree COMPLETELY!!!! I'd never tried to put a term to this basic idea, but it's one I've held for most of my adult life. To Hell with commercial "growth"!

Mark Martin said...

I have coined a phrase!

Now I must grow it into a household word, a movement, a political party, a New World Order.

That is, I must grow its OPPOSITE into all of that.

The Chill Paradigm!

BonzoGal said...

Yeah, people should just CALM DOWN already. Seriously, that was fun.

Sordid Zine said...

Woo Hoo!!

Now we feel a step closer to fame!!

(For what it's worth, we actually hate PDF's as well.. damned things locking up our crappy computers all the time. We figure that they are something that pretty much veryone online can open... We'd love suggestions for a better format.)