he walks! he talks!

- and he drives a car! (That's what the barkers would bark about the sideshow freaks at the Alabama State Fair when I was a kid.)

He's not a freak, but he is at the Big E, which is a multi-state fair in New England. See the infamous Mr. Dobbs eat cheese curd! Hear him speak! Watch his thumb go up! This surely is what the internet was made for!


dogboy443 said...

Oooo, he's gonna smack you upside your big-haired head! Yes he is.

HemlockMan said...

When I was in the 10th grade I had the occasion to actually look up the word "cruddy". And the dictionary said something to the effect of "having the appearance of, or having to do with curds". So for about two months after that I went around calling everything I didn't like "truddy".

Benny said...

I want some of those pickles that have never taken less than first place. He said "I've never taken less than first place." Does that mean that if they offered him, say, 3rd place of Honorable Mention, he just didn't accept it?
Good marketing ploy!

Kerfuffle said...

A food tour of the 'Big E' without a famous Big E cream puff or Big E-clair, I can't imagine it......wait, I don't have to - I just saw one ;-)

Seriously, they are so famous that they actually have their own entrance so that you don't need to enter the fair to buy cream puffs!!