The World's Greatest Cook is gone until Sunday, and I don't have a "pressing" art chore to do for the first time in ages, so I'm just hanging out here and wasting the night away. I left the TV on about an hour ago when I left the room. I was watching an Iconoclast documentary on Christiana Amanpour while I ate supper.

OK, so I walk back through the room and the one about Michael Stipe is on. Some photographer is taking pics of him, pics after pics after pics, and he's vamping and posing and downright VOGUEing and eating it up. ARE YOU READING THIS, BENNY? He NEVER said "ENOUGH!!!"

So I go pee, and when I get back to the living room, he's onstage giving a talk somewhere and pontificating about how awful it is that music videos ruin the little personal movie you create in your mind, and how awful it is to have this little movie dictated to you, oh boo hoo hoo.

Well, that little bit of hypocrisy I can stomach, but not the vamping. DO YOU HEAR ME, BENNY! NOT THE VAMPING!!!

How DARE he? After he treated my Benny like DIRT!

That's all I saw. I never did see Mario Batali. THANK GOD! That has to be a gruesome spectacle, watching Mario interview Michael Stipe!

(For the record, I love many many REM songs. Just in case you were wondering.)


HemlockMan said...

I hope you washed your hands.

Benny said...

I am seething at his duplicity.
And I like a lot of their stuff, too.

What to do?

I'm embarrassed all over again.

Jed said...

You know, not all of us bleeding heart, lefty red diaper baby hippys are fans of michael Stipe and his self-importance or his monotonous nasal singing, and on a few occassions he's gone the full Bono on us. And if you don't like music videos, it's not as if you can't afford to retire tomorrow and spend the rest of your days on your hemp hammock drinking vegan mai tais, Mr sexy Stipe! Nobody forces you to watch MTV! Love it or leave it, Mr!

And why can't these aging rockstars concede to the perfectable respectable horse shoe of hair that male pattern baldness has wrought instead of always shaving their heads! He looks like a baby chick!

Rant rant rave!

And what's with this Jonah and the whale business? I didn't know you produced plays. You've been holding out.

Marc Arsenault said...

Mark, you can use some of this free time to work on that top secret project for Wow Cool. You know, the on that is so top secret you haven't even told me yet!?

Mark Martin said...

The first step of that would be going through the so-called archives, culling out what's available and worthy, organizing, ... Can't do that this weekend. I'm spending the whole weekend catching up on neglected home chores and preparing for winter.

Always something, aint it.