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No EveryThing this week. I hurt my back last weekend. OUCH!

But I did use my time wisely - I hope. I found a volume equalizer that people rave about in geekchatrooms. It is equalizing all my tunes as I type! I left it running last night, but it crashed. This morning it crashed again and again! I finally isolated the problem. It does not like my (drumroll please) Belinda Carlisle songs! The studio version of "I Feel Free" is much better than this live video, but the video ain't bad. You can laugh if you want to, but anybody that gets up Madonna's ass can't be all bad! So now I am at work and it is equalizing the other two-thirds of my 1995 songs currently in iTunes. Except Belinda Carlisle. Luckily there is a way to manually adjust them later.

I'll let you know if this thing works. If you're like me, volume equality is the Freakin Holy Grail, man!

QUESTION that you probably can't answer, but just in case there are any iVolume users reading this: Is all this new data going to be incorporated into my ipod next time I synch, or do I have to empty my ipod and reload all over again???


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