I just added an "icon" to my "profile"! And what says me better than Nintendo panties?! Answer: NOTHING!

Still no proof of the Rove thing... Obviously I extend the offer to YOU too, dear jabberees. 20 kool bucks! Possibly 25, if you have that numbers info! Come and get it!

siiiiigh... Oh well, back to the ol' drawing board tomorrow. I kind of enjoyed my art-free weekend, but I'm kind of itching to get back to it.


Jed said...

Let it go.

I mean, if this story isn't true, then Carl Rove should be cleared of all charges of moral bankruptcy immediately. Once again, Rove's been scapegoated by the liberal media! How dare they!

Hey, I'm with you. The Nation is a partisan hackrag just like the National Review. And I wouldn't trust either one for anything that I would call "news". So a partisan hackrag has published some unsubstantiated story about how a corrupt republican political consultant did something corrupt. Partisan hackrags just like certain partisan news networks thrive on unsubstantiated scandals involving the apposing party, and I'm sure you could come up with numerous examples on either side. It's all part of the fun. The hope is that if they piss all this stuff into people's ears long enough it'll distill itself into a sound bite of bogus conviction. Kerry Flip Flops. Bush is an alcoholic coke snorting ignoramus.

Not enough people care about this particular story to give it enough momentum to have any impact whatsoever one way or another. I for one, am not insisting it's true, so why are you insisting it matters?

Who cares?

Mark Martin said...

Jed, you seem to keep forgetting whose blog this is.

If I stumble across a story about somebody offering $100K for proof of a Rove scandal, and I wanta add my two cents, why are you insisting it does NOT matter? Finding a picture of Nintendo panties for my profile - that alone makes it matter to me!

Jed said...

By all means, this is your soap box, but you have what seems to be an open invitation here for passers by to harangue you from the crowd, and by god I'm going to harangue if I wanna! And I insist that you're tilting at windmills with this whole Rove thing, and as a haranguer, I insist upon insisting!

Benny said...

Hey Pumpie!
I love the panties shot, but where's "the space"? This is not totally representative of you.

Mark Martin said...

OMG, IT IS SO TRUE! If only something was "missing"!

That photo is taken from the side, so let us assume that if it were taken head-on, from the front or the back, you could see "the space" that is indeed empty.