made it

The large project that had to be finished by the end of September is finished. Here's a small chunk of it.

Now I can get back to EveryThings, scamming Nigerians, obsessing over Karl Rove rumors... I've had to force myself to disengage the last couple of weeks. Which is weird (for me) and impossible to accomplish 100% - I did watch the Simpsons! And I started a new blog! I can't wait to get the recipes for them Hope Tacos and barackitas!


dogboy443 said...

That's a nice piece of work there. When do we get to see the whole thing and who and what was it for for?

Jed said...

And unlike the "family recipes" of some candidates:

Those delicious Hope Tacos and Barackitas probably aren't borrowed from the food network.

I did notice their was a new Baskin and Robbins flavor, "Straight Talk Crunch" with a caramel ribbon and candy red states. Those guys just couldn't help themselves and had to wear their new 32nd flavor on their sleeve, which seems like a brilliant marketing strategy considering their a national chain, but then, look who's side their taking. Way to alienate half of your customer base.

Of course Ben and Jerry's Steven Colbert flavor, Americone Dream, leaves all 32 of their flavors in the dust.

Have you been to a Baskin Robbins lately? It's got to be the crappiest ice cream in existence, and their soft ice cream machine is some sort of laxative on tap. I can buy a pint of Americone Dream for what they charge for a scoop with a single topping, and they make these gross Reeses Peanutbutter milkshake things with peanutbutter syrup on the top.

eeTeeD said...

when are we getting some info on this project?

HemlockMan said...

Nice illustration! Your work is always, always fun!

I can't watch THE SIMPSONS anymore. I tried to watch some of it with my son this past Sunday. It was awful. I could only take about five minutes.

Why would you start a second blog? Of course I could ask myself why I ever started one. But then I might answer myself, and that would be a bad sign.