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I want to jabber! But I don't have time! I have about a dozen very important things to share, but they require adding links, and taking photos etc, and I have to go take a bath so I won't be lateR for work.

I'm siding with H-Man on the Christmas debate. Sure, the constant push to SPEND SPEND SPEND is nauseating, but don't let THE MAN ruin it for you! Go stick your head in the door at a nursing home and tell some old geezer Merry Christmas... or something! Bake a pie and read a comic book. Call me! If you're having trouble enjoying Christmas, let me know - I'll call you! It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I gotta go.



Anonymous said...

Amen Daddy!
You know I love Christmas! They could come to our house.
I love the turtle. It makes me want to go back to LLani.

Benny said...

Christmas is the BEST, Pumpie!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..' o what a glorious time of year , i love Satan .

( Like the little Turtle more tho' . )


Kerfuffle said...

Yeah, Christmas would be a bit more special if it didn't start in October. Just because the stores and radio stations are trying to cram it down my throat does not mean I have to swallow, however. I just limit my exposure until after Thanksgiving, if possible, and that makes it much more palatable for me.

Everyone has certain sounds, songs, tastes and even smells that make the holidays come alive for them. You just have to surround yourself with the people and things that bring you closer to the spirit of the season, everything else will work itself out.

HemlockMan said...

No one MAKES you do the stuff at Christmas that you don't like. If you hate shopping in crowds...DON'T DO IT!

I kind of like going shopping at Christmas. It's the only time of year that I actually get a kick out of crowds. It's the only time of year that I take my theoretical chill pill. Go with the flow. Let yourself get stuck in traffic. Don't sweat the small stuff. Smile. Keep on keepin' on.

One thing that we do almost every year is drive up the mountains to a choose 'n' cut farm to buy our tree. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll get to do that this year. So we'll buy a nice balsam-y Christmas tree on a local lot.

If the commercial Christmas traditions get you down...make up your own rules.

Last year, Christmas was a bummer for me...but that was my own fault. I let the mad dash of it all get away with me and I never took the time to slow down and savor the days. That was my mistake and I can blame it on no one else.

Jed said...

Yes yes, on your own terms. Your own rules. Like that. But most of us have families, and those families have other ideas, and it makes me feel good to make them happy if I can. You certainly can make your own rules, but are you really doing anyone any favors? Buy the gift, have the meal, try to do the best you can not to ruin anyone else's fun, and if possible, enjoy yourself. But that doesn't really take away what is to me the unavoidable oppressive atmosphere of the holiday that seems to dog me everywhere I go. I resent that I have to schedule my good humor and generosity to coincide with a certain date on the calendar. And yes it is sometimes hard for me to avoid being a grouch. I am not a fan of holidays in general, and Christmas is second only to Valentine's Day on my shit list.

But that's just me. I can appreciate other people's enthusiasm as long as they don't demand that I share it, and for the loved ones, I will try, or at least, try to manufacture something that resembles enthusiasm for their sake.

So in the spirit of the generosity that I'm sure is part of what you appreciate about the season, I ask you to favor me with the gift of allowing me my own sentiments, and to accept that it's not necessary that I share yours. Give the gift of grouch and a hardy bah humbug to all of us who feel crushed and beaten by the cajoling commercialism of Christmas.

And Mark: did you use autotrace on illustrator for the backgrounds? Or some sort of filter? They look a little too photoey for my tastes, but I like the turtles.

Jed said...

Ok Mark, I will admit to one thing. I like some Christmas specials, like the Peanuts Christmas special, and The Grinch, and The Snowman, and all of those Puppetoon things. But that's as far as I go.

HemlockMan said...

Christmas is the one time that I can handle schmaltz. You got that part right, for sure!