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Remember mini-comics? I guess they never really left, but I don't see as many as I used to. I'm probably not going to the right places. All I see here in Happy Valley are crappy little scribbled out "zines" of random thoughts and protest.

Jed's working in a print shop (with Thomas Thomas!) and they just cranked out a couple of beauties. Go check em out.

And that lucky Benny gets to go by Studio By The Tracks all the freakin time and grab up all the best art there! Here's his latest score. I love love LOVE the hair! YAY LEON!!!

HEY! I just linked this, and I see Benny's font on their new improved website! I bet he did the whole site! Is that right, Benny?



Jed said...

Thanks for the plug!

As for minis, you're just not looking in the right places. There are mini comics a-plenty at the Alternative Press Expo, and a surprising number of very nice ones by professionals and non-pros both. Last time I went, I got some classy examples of the form from Sammy Harkham, Ron Rege, Jesse Reklaw and others. With the new Gocco mini silk screen printer, you see some beautiful hand screened two and three color covers, as well as 4 color laser printed stuff. Color laser printing is cheaper and better than it's ever been! There are more small press venues and zinefests these days, so a great support network exists for this stuff.

You will find some great examples here:

Global Hobo is a distribution network for some of the best minis out there.

And from my pal Jesse:

Bluefuzz is a great mini fantasy adventure, and Applicant is a highly recommended non-comics zine. Just read the description and you will surely HAVE to own it. Couch Tag I've been hearing about but have yet to sample.

And I think blogs have, for the most part, taken the place of ranty zines, As far as comics are concerned, I still think there's no substitute for the printed page, and the handmade aspect is always a plus.

As for page 6, this whole business seems like several separate unrelated strips. I'm impressed with how you've successfully milked the last remaining squirts out of the "I've fallen and I can't get up" gag. Remember when every stand-up comic was beating this dead horse to the ground? Remember the 80s when bad stand-up comedy reigned supreme?

I suppose it's all about context. the familiarity and tiredness of the gag, in this case, enhances the humor. How oh so post-modern of you Mark!

Now get out there and buy yourself some minis! And that's everybody! (You'll probably eventually be able to get mine on Global Hobo)

Jed said...

And you can get my minis from me directly by contacting me at jedalexander at sbcglobal dot net. Three bucks for the Blue Kid, 1 buck for Baby God. Paypal accepted. All Jabberees who come to APE get theirs comped, but I'm charging for mail order to deliberately discourage sales. I'm not very good at mailing things.

eeTeeD said...

i tried to follow the link to jed's mini comics, but it caused my browser to crash.

an odd coincidence... back when i made art for a living i once worked with an artist named thomas thomas.

RHoward said...

While you guys are busy discussing the "minis" I just have to say...that's one cool painting of James Brown! Leon is good.