6 things you should know

Here's EveryThing 44.

Here are some really fun IM icons for teens!

Here's a wonderful guy. Scott Saavedra. As I was looking around his blog after googling up the Wham-O Giant Comics info, I ran into this troubling news. I don't really expect you to click the paypal button unless you know Scott and know what a swell guy he is. I confess I never do that unless I know the person. But in case you are like me, a friend of his who may have been unaware of this development, I thought I'd let you know.

Here's James Lloyd. He sent me some mini-comics two months ago. I misplaced them, and never thanked him til now. I also just got copies of Jed's latest comics, so THANKS JAMES & JED!

Here's the graphic I have had for a month. I want to put it with a header that says "NOW HEAR THIS!" and share a song with you. But for some reason, the song won't play. It's there on my site, the complete mp3 file, just like I always did it. But when you go there, all you hear is a few seconds of the song. Truly, WASSUP?!?

Here is a dishonest man. He wants to charge you $25,000,000 just to CONSIDER you for his empowered ascension workshop. My friends, I will GUARANTEE YOU admittance into my ascension workshop for $5,000,000 - ONE-FIFTH of what this man wants just to talk to you! And I make you this promise: I will meet with you once a week FOR LIFE, until you ascend! Nobody beats my ascension deals - NOBODY!



eeTeeD said...

why oh why did i click on that everything link?

HemlockMan said...

For $25,000,000 I would guarantee just about anything.

Sad news about Scott Saavedra!

Oooo! James Lloyd's site has links to lots of mini comics! I used to LOVE mini comics when I had my comic shops. I would let any artist put their mini comics in my shops. Most of them had at least some redeeming value.

Jed said...

"The secret in the diet coke is the 'LIQUID LIGHT' duh!!!!"

And of course, "The type of plastic and quantity of it combined with the diet coke equals the base frequency of its liquid light."

I mean, Duh, right? Don't even get me started on the Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal. We're talking DEVINE TIMING here.

This guy is most definitely not a huckster.

Those IM icons are goobtastic. Clearly these people at progressive.com have their finger on the pulse.

Where do you come up with this stuff?

Mark Martin said...

The ball’s is in your court!