hearing dog brigham

I just made an extra donation to NEADS today, since it's Veterans Day and all. I've mentioned NEADS before, a great organization that trains prisoners to train service dogs etc. You can read all about it on their site. This is The World's Greatest Cook's and my chosen charitable organization. We made an effort to check out several, and find one that uses the donations wisely and does not have fatcat CEOs on the payroll etc. A few years ago we just got fed up with the constant flood of charities that constantly flood one's mailbox and telephone etc. We're good people, but we are only two people. So we found a charity to support, and now we can honestly say to all callers "Sorry, we have one worthy charity that we donate to." (Actually I usually send money to the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists every year, but forgive me this white lie...)

So anyway, I just gave NEADS some money and was checking out the "Canines for Combat Veterans" page and saw this handsome dog named Brigham, and thought I'd share.

If you have any spare change, think about donating to whatever veterans' organization you choose. I'm not nagging you - I'm inspiring you!




HemlockMan said...

Looks like a nice charity.

I donate to various organizations who work to improve the National Park system.

dogboy443 said...

You named your son after a dog??? Who are you, Henry Jones Sr.????

Anonymous said...

thank you for your support of NEADS! We are happy to be able to support Veterans with canine assistants who open doors, turn on lights, assist with balance, pick up dropped objects, provide companionship, wake-up their deaf human partners, alert them to ringing doorbells or alarms and much more! We are launching two new programs: HaltER dogs for those with autism and canines for those struggling with PTSD....we value our contributors who help offset the costs of raising and training our canines...we receive no state or federal funds, and rely on people like you who have compassion and empathy for others in need. Thank you again. John Moon - gift officer, NEADS.org