judy's vacation


Jed said...

Dear sir,

Bad new columnless format. Bad. Return to normal. Paragraphs stretch across my whole 17 inch screen.

I also like how the links "Jabberous" and "My Word Book" are links to your blog and take you nowhere.

And its not just the eyebrows, its the eyes. Place finger over Judy's eyebrows and see. They're pointy in all the wrong directions.

Jay Leno is creepy. Especially when there are Pretty Girls on his show. For some reason Pretty Girls turn him into an adolescent boy who says cringe inducing inappropriate things. And then there is his unfunniness, and his occasional outright theft of David Letterman's already dated schtick. He actually has books? When's that guy going to retire?


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dogboy443 said...

SNIFF-SNIFF, I cry now.

eeTeeD said...

my disguise worked! now that she has eaten the apple, it's off to jewel mountain, to take care of those wretched dwarves!
well adam, now that we have eaten the apple and put on clothes, we'll finally get to leave this dump and see what that wonderful outside world is like!

Mark Martin said...

Yo Jed

1. Narrow your browser. width of column will follow.

2. The top graphic has always simply returned one to the top menu. The entire image is a link.

3. Yes, you're right. It's not just the eyebrows. The entire eyes and face conspire to make evil children.

All things must pass.

Jed said...

1. I know about the narrow browser thing. I'm just saying: I like a fixed column width. It just looks classier.

2. The link thing wasn't a criticism.

3. All too true.

HemlockMan said...

"I stashed Billy's corpse where you'll never find it. (tee hee)"

Janet said...

What about that weird right hand...I don't think I could cram a whole apple between my fingers...

Mark Martin said...

And why does she have a piece of pie AND a Moon Pie? Not a healthy lunch!

molly said...

I think that's a sandwich slice.

It's like the artist just gave up on improving the hand holding the apple. "Ah, screw it. Good enough. Everyone will be focused on her scary, twitching pig-face anyway." (If you look closely, it's like she's flipping us off for noticing...)

Kerfuffle said...

I agree with Hemlockman. Surely she is directing us to where she has stashed the rest of the family. Having worked up quite an appetite while slaughtering them she is sitting down for a well deserved lunch. The only mystery is why she went for the apple first. I would have gone straight for the sugary snack food, if I had slaughtered my family ;-)

Jed said...

Off subject:

I just bought Wham-o Giant Comics #1 for 15 bucks (plus postage) on e-bay! I am so thrilled!

Mark Martin said...

Wow, great find! Is it flat or folded in half?
Hey, didn't you notice I got the column thing going again? I did it for YOU!

Jed said...

Flat with a smal 1/2 inch tear at the bottom corner of the cover, but otherwise intact. Roughly 80 bucks seems to be the default price, so I lucked out!

And thanks for the column thing.

dogboy443 said...

I will design anew.


HemlockMan said...

Is this like a record number of post for your blog?

I tried to watch the whole video, but basically got bored with it. Yep. Bored. He's a weird-o. An honest weird-o. I've found from meeting a number of weird-o types at comic book and science-fiction conventions that, once you get past that person's weird fixation, they're generally pretty normal folk.

I was going to post a caption for "Bob's Vacation", but thought better of it. Especially as I'm heading off for a vacation in the VA mountains on Thursday.