i'm back in the saddle

Actually I've been back for two days, but the saddle is on a confusing digital horse in an ice storm. I just got a new computer, new operating system, new software upgrades etc at work, and my Fetch shortcut to the EveryThing website got lost in the migration, so I can't post the new EveryThing. And we have no electricity at home due to a big ice storm, so I can't upload from there, or post the next Evil Child because THEY are on the computer there... but I just realized, I can post the new EveryThing HERE, because it is on my external HD in my manbag! I actually had it finished before I left last week. So here is The Human Tornado! Click to embiggen. More later. It's CRAZEE here.


Mike Dobbs said...

Welcome back. Hope you had a good time. That's a nice bad-ass Rudy.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..hell yeh .. and coukd make Jim Kelly eat his heart out !!



dogboy443 said...

So what kind of computer did you get? If you got a new iMac running Leopard I can take care of you with the Creative software.

Anonymous said...


Real men use the command line for FTP!

Marc Arsenault said...

First Blowfly, now Rudy Ray! Who could be next? Max Romeo? Yelloman? Hmmmm. Criswell predicts....

A return to Moms Mabley!

I use Yummy FTP

My captcha was feminac

dogboy443 said...

I'm Dogboy443...I Fetch!

Mark Martin said...

Power on! 7:23 pm Friday night. Whew!

Dobbsy: I'm glad you approve of the Tornado, since you are the expert!

Dogboy and Marc: It's the computer at WORK, so I can't install my own software. I have to use Fetch at work.

Anonymous: REAL men sign their comments!

tokka: Who's Jim Kelley? I shall google now!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Ah Google.

.. for some reason ( i guess many obvious ) this brought on some sorta 70s flashback.

Prolly why i love it so much.

Jim Kelly is one of the heroes from the immortal Enter the Dragon.

Kelly and the H.T. in your painting shared similar hair styles as well.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ** tOkKa Googles Human Tornado ** ..


HemlockMan said...

Frankenstein Monster: "Ice storm bad!"

Blind peasant: "D-damn r-r-right."