Crazy Boss Primer

Crazy Boss comics originally began running on years ago. How many? Not sure.

The first 10 pages of Crazy Boss were collected and published in Runaway Comics #3. Everything that ran on after page 10 was NOT included in Runaway. The first 10 pages were good, but after that it lost its way.

A page from that 10-page chunk is presented above. Click to embiggen. This page features Mz Johnzon trapped in a brainstorming session with Mr. Bowling (Crazy Boss). Trace Dicky provides a one-sentence commentary. Gabby does not appear on this page.

If you happened to read any of the old material years ago - EMPTY YOUR BRAIN of everything that supposedly "happened" after page 10. IT NEVER HAPPENED! (and Gabby was never called Bagboy - you dreamed it all! His name is Gabby!)

This is what happened on page 10:

On page 10 of Crazy Boss, Trace Dicky is in the restroom primping and trying to work up the courage to ask Mz Johnzon out on a date. As he is washing his hands, the faucet misfires and sprays water on the front of his pants. But he screws up his courage and exits the restroom, ready to seduce Mz Johnzon with his manly charms.

In the last panel, as he is seen entering the break room at the Monkey Butt Fabric Softener offices, Gabby announces (very loudly and very at the table with Mz Johnzon) "HEY! That faucet peed your pants again!" as Trace's coiffure wilts comically.

OK, so THEN what happened?

LOTS OF STUFF! Lots of stuff happened until eventually Trace had a signing at Barnes & Noble, as Mz Johnzon prepared to suicide bomb the event and a whale cracked open a Pepto-Bismol tanker to drink the cargo.

We are presently going backwards, FROM the whale, TO the point where Trace entered the break room. When that is all done (I'm thinking 2 years from now, but possibly 3 years or more if amazing freelance work that I cannot turn down comes along) the entire saga will be published as a book.

P.S. - This was the jabberous masthead during Nov-Dec 2008. It explains why there are illustrations from this book posted during that period.

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slatts said...

We're reading backwards as you illustrate it backwards? Or it's all illustrated and you're just making us read it backwards?

And three years of this, too?

Wow. This is some test of friendship. And endurance. And why?

Haven't we said "we love you" in awhile? With any sincerity?

A test? To see how long we will drag on and make daily witty comments?


Oh, btw, Happy Birthday!