Jed said...

I received my coloring book in the mail today.

Thank you. Thank you.

Tear stricken eyes brimming to the gills with misty affection, I clutched it to my bosom as a sticky stalactite of Obama love drool clung to a chin I held high with pride in and love of country.

A pity that you are, at this moment, unable to thrill in the aura of my patriotic ardor. That you may never bask, lo, effervesce beneath the benevolent glow of our unusually attractive leader, his stunning wife and their cherubic children.

Love drool dripping in a glistening unbroken tether, making contact with the coloring book likeness that hardly does our unusually attractive leader justice, A beatific smile crawling over my lips with a look of narcotic transcendence, I take crayon to paper and decorate my new acquisition with stars and spangles, purple horseshoes and blue diamonds, cradling our new Commander in Chief's likeness to my own cheek as if the two of us share a special bond, a comradery of spirit that may someday be consummated in a totally metaphorical and heterosexual manner (though for now I'll settle for a little tongue).

USA! USA! USA!!!!!

Also is there any significance to the piece of paper you wrote that note on with what appears to be some sort of alpha channel situation related to color seps printed on the back?

Mark Martin said...

No significance. I recall it was some technical stuff about a project, but it was just a piece of scrap paper purloined for a note.

Jed said...

And in honor of the fact that Obama has banned torture (I know we kind of did that with the Geneva Convention but hopefully this time it will take), I will no longer post links to Obama ephemera on your blog.


As for this panel, very nice. I encourage you to use more drybrush. You're stuff looks good with drybrush. Your lines are so tight you could probably go even more crazy with the drybrush. That's what I like about your painting--the combo of clean line and expressive explosions of markers and paint gives for good contrast, and with the drybrush here you get juicier spot blacks and it gives more volume to stuff that would ordinarily look flat.

Good god did you say two years of Crazy Boss? I honor your ambition, sir, and give you my full support.

~ tOkKa said...

--> o what a glorious morning !!

And the Joys of adulation to what is added !!

☻ ☺
..every time you see a Rainbow of fruit flavours you know a fat mama has sat uponce a package of Skittles.