well la de da!

Lookie here! Jabberous has done gone and changed again. And look over there. To the right... Crazy Boss has its own little "site" now.

I'll leave the old Crazy Boss posts here since y'all were so nice to comment on them. But hop on over to the link for a whole new page. I may add some sort of comment app to the site pages eventually, but my brain is all tuckered out for today.

NEWS: If you pick up the latest Nick Magazine (with the Kids' Choice Awards 2009 logo and a buncha %#@$# celebrities on the cover) and turn to page 9, you'll see a little comic strip drawn by me and Sculptor Rick!

OK, see ya.


Jed said...

Aa, but you see, now we can't leave comments on the "Crazy Boss" site! But I suppose them's the breaks. You seem to be making good progress!

slatts said...

That was cool!...seeing it all together front to back.


Hey Jed, we can just come back to this one post and leave comments here.

I wonder if there's a max to the amount comments one can leave for one post?

HemlockMan said...

OMG! The tiny little Condoleeza is hilarious! I'd almost forgotten about her.

Janet said...

Well...did you stay up to watch Condi on Leno last night?

Mark Martin said...

NO! Thanks for telling me TOO LATE!

I'm just picking on you. I could not have watched anyway. I am buried alive in stinky old day-job work this week! And I don't much like the late night talk shows, and I can't stay up that late anyway. I get up at 5:00 am!