crazy boss

... updated.

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eeTeeD said...

1) the new crazy boss looks great! love all the wild details!

2) we are still awaiting your review of wimbledon green.

3) why doesn't benny post anymore, and what became of his recent mysterious video project in which you were involved?

Mark Martin said...

1. Thanks
2. Still have not read. I find it very hard to read comics now. It's a psycho-workaholic thing. It is hard for me to relax and enjoy a comic - I keep feeling like I should be drawing my own comic instead of reading other comics! I am sure I have whined about this before. I think I'll make it ITEM ONE on an FAQ page.
3. He has pretty much totally fallen in love with facebook and spends all his 'net time there. Those people that were creating the cable TV show did not have their act together when I went to Bama. I don't think it ever materialized.