gag me


Emery Calame said...'s nice to know he's not a hemophiliac. I guess. Go platelets!

Jed said...

One of my favorite stories about an artist: Larry Rivers painted this picture of a playing card way before Andy Warhol did his soup cans, and Robert Rauschenberg said, "you should have done a whole show of playing cards to prove that you mean it."

Now I'm starting to get the distinct impression that you mean it, Mark. I see a mini comic in your future. Seriously, this is the kind of thing that would be perfect for the format.

Like the new Crazy Boss page, too. I guess writing it backwards must give you this built in sense of momentum. I can see the appeal.

slatts said...

Are these done with gray markers or paint?

Mark Martin said...

markers and pens on a little spiral-bound notebook I got out of the free pile!