don't analyze this

I have no idea where this is headed, or if it will even get finished. It's just something I started doodling while I was babysitting the copier yesterday, then some more at lunch today.

I'm having to force myself not to get sucked back into the "Gag Me" gags. I need to focus on revenue, but dang, I sure do want to draw some more of those.

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! It wasn't me that said Jed sort of favors Jason. I'd just like to clear that up.


Jed said...

Yes is wasn't Mark. Mark was just the one that said Jason was my parasitic twin. At least it wasn't Seinfeld. I couldn't bare all that annoying noodging and kvetching in my cranium.

Mark Martin said...

Come to think of it, I specifically said they are NOT identical twins. See how mixed-up everything can get in just a couple of days?

Emery Calame said...

Looks like that poor baby is gonna eat some stogie ash.