pondering aimlessly

I hit this sketch with some markers Friday night as I attempted to watch a couple of old grindhouse movies that were so bad they were bad. Then I smeared some paint on this thing yesterday morning, as I had the paints out working on another project. I'm calling this "done" and we probably will never see these characters again, but others that look just like them or very similar will surely pop up somewhere. Especially the dog. I like the dog.


slatts said...


From sketch on line pad to painting--rather "artsy" too!

It sucks to have to "think income" in everything we put to paper.

Where are those rich Art Benefactors?

Where's our "bail-out?"

Pinkhamster said...

"pardon if this is a touchy subject, friend, but i've been meaning to ask... where did you get those massive disfiguring scars?"

"dad dropping cigar ash all over me while changing my diaper"


"i know."