Jabberee Dogboy noticed this on ebay. The seller is wrong about it being included in the 20/20 collection. I think. It definitely WON'T be included in the omnibus if/when I get around to compiling that. I actually am over half-way through organizing the archives, so maybe, just maybe.

I'd also like to report that I'm over half-way through with the markmartin.net overhaul, and it very probably WILL be online before July 1. Remember me in your prayers.


Bill Anderson said...

Why no love for this piece? It seems funny enough. Do you have a better image of it that you can put up on the blog?

And hey, that's new Crazy Boss art in the header! Is there a finished page we haven't seen yet? Don't make me beg, man!

Mark Martin said...

The ebay thing text is embarrassingly stupid. I don't have the art or a better image of it.

That CBoss art is from an old web story that is also embarrassingly stupid. You'll NEVER see it - NEVER!!!

HemlockMan said...



greg said...

Yeah, unless there was more than one issue of 20/20, I've got my copy right here and it's definitely not in it.

Bill Anderson said...

There WAS a 2nd 20ND20 collection, in magazine format, unless my memory has failed utterly.