dispatch from poland

I'm not sure what it means. I can't read Polish. Appears to be some sort of comics exhibition, with corporate sponsors and grants and stuff.

(came back and updated later)
Oh yeah - google it! Duh.


HemlockMan said...

I recall Matt Feazell telling me about visiting Communist-era Poland (I think his wife had relatives there). He went to see some comics this one guy had done. Since the guy couldn't get access to a printing press, he drew his comics and hung them from a ceiling. You would walk through the room reading his comic book pages which dangled from strings. It was, I reckon, the most democratic method the guy could come up with to show his work since he couldn't publish it.

dogboy443 said...

I asked our resident Polack and she says its:
The University Library of Poznaniu.
The second line is the street address and the third line is the city: Poznan.

It's a medical University