i'ma gonna make it

The all new markmartin.net will be online by the end of the month. That means by Tuesday night! I've lost track of how long that site has been neglected and how long I have "planned" (ha!) to create some kind of a store. So I'm kinda pumped.

The store will not have PayPal buttons in place and ready to click, as originally advertised. Too much danged trouble to keep up with it all for so many unique pieces of art. But I WILL offer to create a button for anyone who prefers to use PayPal. It'll cost ya, because Pay Pal charges a fee...

Crazy Boss has been removed, and the front page link to Crazy Boss has been removed from this blog. Until further notice. Until I can actually concentrate on it again.

OK, bye



eeTeeD said...

promises, promises.

dogboy443 said...

We missed you and the World's Greatest Cook at the Flea Market yesterday.

Mark Martin said...

YA! Hear that, eet? Cuz I was SLAVING over this hot website that is going to be online before the end of June!

You'll see! I'LL SHOW YOU ALL!!!