tag sale / synchronicity

Check out the two cool books I got a tag sale last week. 50 CENTS! I love tag sales! What a couple of beautiful covers - I just love having them around! I'm going to read the Earl Stanley Gardner book, since I have never actually read an ESG book. I have actually read Agatha Christie and I'm not really a fan, so I doubt if I'll read that one. But it has the coolest cover of the two!

And check out what Bissette is doing over at MyRant. Artwork for a monster tour of the USA! What are the odds? (He doesn't have any art up yet, so I can't show any here... but I'll try to take heed and link again when he starts posting art.)


HemlockMan said...

That chick has a disturbingly calm expression on her face. She's done that before!

"sischam"! Sounds like a magic word someone might say to turn into a super-hero.

slatts said...

Gardner wrote the stories that became the scripts for PERRY MASON. I suspect your book is the "same" as it's "The Case of..." which all his stories seem to be.

I love the TV series. So campy late fifties TV. Bad jokes and everyone smokes.

The TV series seriously influenced ALL that is Law & Order--whether they want to admit it or not! (and mostly they do not)

What a great job that must have been--drawing covers for pulp fiction. Everything our present "art-job" is NOT!

MKT: What? you can't show the girl smoking, too?

MKT: Add spilled pill bottle to suggest abuse.

MKT: More exposed breast.

Mark Martin said...

Hman - I too thought that lady looked kind of "satisfied"!

MKT - Remove syringe, but still make drug use visually obvious

Jed said...

if nothing else the second one has a great title.

Have you ever read John Franklin Bardin's The Deadly Percheron? That's got to be my all time favorite mystery book.

More on the enigmatic Bardin:


Love this book!

Mark Martin said...

Just ordered Percheron. Thanks for the tip!

Jed said...

You won't regret it. It's very page turny, and also very pulpy, but its weirdness transcends camp. After the first couple of pages you'll be hooked! I've never read anything remotely like it, except for his other two books, which are also pretty unique, but not quite as entertaining as this one.

But I shouldn't tell you anymore. You're in for a treat!

Mark Martin said...

I read a TINY bit of the synopsis on amazon, then I stopped. I'm spoiler-averse!

I'm intrigued.

eeTeeD said...

why are you buying all these books when you still haven't read wimbledon green?