Page 1 of Elias D's fresh new TMNT sketchbook Vol. 2. (I think... but it could be vol 3 or 4. I'm not sure. But it definitely is not volume 1!)


Vaughn Michael said...

I'm a huge fan of your art but it was your work on TMNT that introduced me to you and what you do.
I hope one day we can see more Turtles from you, no one comes close to drawing them the way they originally looked more so than you.

But what is this sketch book?
-Vaughn M.

Elias said...

Great way to start my new book. Thanks so much Mark

Jed said...
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Mark Martin said...

This is someone's (Elias D's) personal sketchbook. He collects TMTN art.

As for me being a good TMNT artist, better or worse than Eastman/Laird or any other... I seem to be one of those love 'em or hate 'em guys. I have a small cadre of fans that I know of and they are passionate about my TMNT work. While MOST TMNT fans abhor my work on the title.

Personally, I consider myself "barely adequate" especially in the writing. Both writing and art seem very labored and tortured to me. And "too clever by half".

But don't listen to ME, all you MM TMNT fans. I'm CRAZY! YOU are the ones who are correct! Commission me for TMNT ART EXTRAORDINAIRE!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. what about GG Sponge Suit Sushi non-See G I kind ?!

Mark Martin said...


And here's a news flash - I am going to collect the 4 Sushi Turtles stories that ran separately in "TMNT Tales" miniseries soon. So save your pennies. These are some of the few comics in history that I created, and that like wholeheartedly and am not ashamed to say "Buy these! You won't be sorry!" And they are in full color (in case you did not know that).

This is NOT the original Sushi Turtles parody book. Some other stuff that ran elsewhere... for those who don't know.

Anyway - just buy it! Coming soon!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..o so it's the sushi ones based on the original ones not the movie ones, the other ones that weren't quite so sqooshy.

Hope they aren't See gee aye ..

Bill Anderson said...

Are we talking a nice squarebound volume also containing the original prestige format book and lots of extras like those extremely funny CBG ads plus lots of other stuff I can't even imagine? ARE WE?!

Jed said...

Earlier comment deleted for pompousness.

Mark Martin said...

Bill - I hope you are not too mad, but I'm talking about just the 4 solo stories. I just think they'd make a nice book, collected together.

Not really a "book" - more like a "comic book"... But print-on-demand and perpetually available, not a periodical.

I'll do a new cover for it! How about that?