virginia, "mother of presidents", has wealth of scenery, history


HemlockMan said...

Have you ever been to Richmond, VA? The main street downtown is a boulevard of statues of Confederate assholes. No one cares anymore. LOL!

"jetedee" Something a John Stanley character says while skipping along.

Mark Martin said...

I've never been down that street, but read about it in "Confederates in the Attic". There was a big controversy over putting a statue of an African-American there, with both blacks and whites wanting it to be there, and NOT wanting it to be there, for various reasons. I'm not sure where the statue finally ended up, because frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. I've always thought the civil war was one of the stupidest wars in the history of stupid wars, and I am so sick and tired of "the race issue" I could puke.

I thought that book (Confeds in the Attic) was going to be mostly about the koo-koo civil war reenactment crazies, and a lot of it was. But the author spent most of his time yammering on and on about racial tensions.

But the stuff about the reenacting kooks is fascinating. Therefore, I recommend the book, if you can stand to hear a lot of whining about race this and race that.

HemlockMan said...

The statue was of tennis legend Arthur Ashe. It's there on the boulevard. I would assume that it's really out of place. Not because it's of a black guy (who can tell when everything is made of bronze?), but because it's of a tennis star and everyone else is a 19th century soldier. DAWK!

I grew up looking at that horrid Confederate carving on the face of the otherwise beautiful Stone Mountain outside of Atlanta. The thing's hideous. If I controlled the world (shudder) I would have it scoured off and the mountain's profile returned as nearly as possible to its natural state.

I've seen photos of Stone Mountain from before the blasting and carving took place, and it was stupefyingly beautiful. Alas!

I've noticed that people from the north don't show much interest at all in the War Between the States. But southerners (except for we two, apparently) are obsessed with it. I think it's because we got our asses totally kicked. That must be it. Has to be.

"aggly" (Is word verification trying to tell me something?)