deep-south tradition is strong in magnolia state of mississippi


HemlockMan said...

Whut th' HAIL is that thang?!

I have been to Mississippi one time. I saw the house where (according to the plaque) Jefferson Davis surrendered to the Union troops. At least I think. I may have been high.

"relie" Rockin' an' a relie till the break of dawn.

Chris_Garrison said...

Man, I love ALL these, but for some reason this one really grabs me. The blue shapes are so shocking and unexpected. Perplexing, even. And the colors on all of them are great. What do you paint them with? Are they really this intense, or do you amplify them in PhotoShop?

Rick Grimes said...

alien monitoring predatory 'house' trap for humans all guarded and/or generated in force field???

all another southern tradition.

Mark Martin said...

h - I have been to Mississippi exactly once also! That's not a "review" of Mississippi - it's just the way it is. Never had a reason to go back.

c - I guess it all depends on what monitor etc you are viewing it on. That blue did come out amazingly vibrant - but maybe not AS vibrant as your monitor shows it? After I scan these things I change them from RGB to CMYK to get rid of that "rgb brightness" and make them look real. So what you see is hopefully a pretty accurate representation of the real thing. The media is ink, markers, prismacolor pencils and acrylics. The blue in this pic is all prismacolor.

r - re the alien - This is one image where I was consciously doing an homage to an existing work - Jim Woodring's "Spirit of Glendale"